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INNOVATIVE  Staple  Fiber

Malloon is Ball Fiber and Ball Fiber Sheet. The Malloon fiber is spherical shape made of synthetic short staple fiber. This fiber has been successfully developed by Arai for many years and has international patents. We are proud to be the supplier of fiber sheet and ball fiber with high quality products manufactured from Japan. Applications for various fields: Automotive sheet, Construction materials, Heat treatment, Sports wear, Outdoor wear, Sanitary, Underwear ...

New Collection Release

Sheet Cushion, also known as Zabuton in Japanese, refers to floor cushions commonly found in spaces such as homes, traditional restaurants, inns, or Japanese resorts. They come in various sizes and are adorned with different types of pillowcases depending on their specific use.

Although they may appear similar to regular cushions, zabuton and standard cushions serve distinct purposes. While standard cushions are typically found on dining chairs, sofas, or used as backrests, zabuton is placed directly on tatami (Japanese straw mat) or the floor. They are often used for kneeling or sitting, providing a comfortable space for the lower legs or supporting when sitting directly on the floor.

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