About Vacuum Pack

Vacuum packaged technique L’AUBE PACK

With the specific vacuum packaged system (VPS) we create the high- featured products that make you more comfortable. Furthermore, they are reduced displaying area so that transportation, warehouse management is more convenient. And by using the 100% polyester fiber with high elastic and be sterilized, deodorized, we create high quality products.

The L’AUBE trade name is appreciated highly of its quality and price by all over the world consumers and even domestic consumers. So that you can absolutely trust in using our products.

The packaging process is as follows:

  1. Products will be processed through the tunnel, which is designed separately from outside environment.
  2. Pressing room: is a tunnel of which temperature can be controlled appropriately so that the products can absorb temperature, moisture to avoid damage of products, mold, bacteria when opening package in different atmosphere.
  3. To preserve the products, the products after going through vacuum pressing system will be preserved for a long time. Next, they will be packaged and pressed in special bags.
  4. When the air is pulled out from the nylon bag, cushion product will be pressed down within 1/10 times in comparison with original thickness.
  5. When the vacuum pack is opened, the air will overflow into, pillow or cushion will be stretched like the origin has not been packaged.

Four Advantages Of Vps:

  • Compressing the size: Before moving on the market, the cushions, pillows and cushion are pressed by VPS system. So we can minimize displaying area. Furthermore, it is easy for transportation.
  • Economizing storing area: The VPS products are convenient for storing.So we can store more products in order to avoid the shortage of stock, it makes the warehouse management better.
  • Reducing transportation cost: In comparison with the products that have not be processed by VPS, the VPS processed products get more effective for reducing the size and transportation cost.
  • Preserving the status quality of products in a long time: The VPS processed product will prevent the appearance from dirt, stain, insect, moisture that affect to the quality of product.