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Amata Tree Planting Day 2024

Trees are a very important ingredient for the Earth and our lives, because of the great effects of trees, today trees are widely used in landscape design as well as everyday life. our day.

Planting trees is an activity that carries many meanings and messages about protecting nature and the environment. In addition to planting trees to build a green, clean, beautiful and safe environment and landscape at the unit. In addition, Arai Vietnam Company also actively participates in environmental protection, responding to climate change, controlling pollution, improving and restoring the environment through planting, preserving and protecting the environment. Greenery of Amata industrial park.

"Amata Tree Planting Day 2024" is not simply a tree planting activity but also a strong spread of green meaning, demonstrating the common responsibility of the business community in protecting the environment and sustainable development. solid.

Amata Bien Hoa Industrial Park (IP) has put on a brilliant green color with the event "Tree Planting Day 2024" organized by AMATA

Join the Voluntary Blood Donation program

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Red Cross Association (November 23, 1946 - November 23, 2021)
"Donating blood to save lives" is a noble gesture showing the understanding, kindness and responsibility of every individual to the community.
Continue to promote the spirit of participating in the Pure Blood Show (HMTN) over the years, in order to have enough blood sources to serve the emergency needs of hospitals in the province to serve emergency patients during the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control period.

Join the Voluntary Blood Donation program organized by Amata Company.

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