A Few Words About Us


  • Manufacturing, processing and trading of bed linen, duvet, bed pad, insert cushion & pillows, mattress;
  • Manufacturing, processing and trading textile and garment materials, yarn, interior decoration products;
  • Implementing the right of import and export, trading in machinery, equipment, mattress, pillows, etc.


ARAI Viet Nam Co.,LTD was established and located in Amata Industrial Park, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province. Our motto is “Pursuing relaxation in mind and comfort in life”. All the company’s members have the same vision and make great effort to follow the motto of satisfaction of all people regarding to material, mental, time and space, bring diversification and more relaxation in their lives.


Arai Vietnam Co., LTD aims to have no complaint from customer; the company always thinks and works with the satisfaction of customer as the top priority, both in term of product quality and delivery progress.

  1. Supplying product that makes customer satisfied.
  2. Complying with the stipulated guideline, not only satisfying the customer’s requirements but also seeking the best production method.
  3. Searching the causes of defect products and improving it thoroughly.
  4. Stabilizing production, setting up production system in order to maintain the product quality.
  5. Promoting bilateral information with customers