Insert Dream Pillow (Function)

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Standard size:

  • 40 x 60cm

            (Can be customized according to customer requirements).



  • Interlock 100% Polyester
  • Downproof 100% Cotton


  • 50% polyester microfiber.
  • 50% polyester cutting Straws

            (Can produce quality according to customer requirements).


  • Special design: Suitable height to stabilize the head and neck of the user.
  • The right posture will sleep well and be good for your health.
  • Can use 2 sides and 2 directions depending on the user's preference.
  • Soft surface: Soft, super absorbent. Hard surface: Cool, always airy.
  • The pillow is formatted and heightened for stable posture.
  • Material friendly, no skin irritation when used
  • Can be cleaned and cleaning stored.
  • Can be combined with your favorite pillow to use.
  • Posture is more comfortable, sleep better.
  • Appropriate height to stabilize the head and neck

Other information:

  • Please contact sales staff for advice. >>> CONTACT