Washing Method

Not only washing the cover, the insert pillow also plays an important role in "protecting" your sleep and health. Here is how to clean the pillow and other remarks.

how to clean the pillow?

  • Wash the pillow if you see dirt. 
  • In case of having washing machine: if over washing, feather will loose oil and functions will be reduced. 
  • Firstly, washing by hands with warm water at 30oC or using ligh washing mode of washing machine, rinsing by light mode then strong mode and drying by drier at 70oC immediately (choose a neutral pH detergent, wash water gently on the fabric, dissolve rapidly in water, help clean the dirt on the clothes, but still protect the fabric & color, without leaving soap residue on the clothes).
  • Rinse with water several times until clean. After washing, place the pillow in the wind and in the shade, dry both sides of pillow and mixing pillow to make shape of pillow. Drying totally pillow before using.
  • Do not use washing powder or detergent or iron the product.
  • Washing may reduce the quality of the product.
  • You are recommended to regularly change pillow cover to keep your pillow clean and dry. This will reduce
  • product washing several times.
  • Please refer the information on the product.

Other remarks:

  • Typically, the pillow is using synthetic fiber that use silicon to increase elasticity and softness of the yarn. So after each wash you will gradually remove the silicon and will cause the fiber to clump is not soft. Therefore, you should only limit the pillow wash to avoid the variation of fiber.
  • For the feather inside, wet status is not recommended for a long time.
  • We advise you to regularly change your knee and dry clothes and at the same time use your hands to smash dirt and odor inside the pillow, avoid making pillows dirty. This action will reduce the need to wash the product several times.
  • If the feather escape, put it inside, do not pull it out.
  • If not necessary, do not wash with detergent or detergent. Especially not ironing the product.
  • If drying under directly sunlight for a long time, the cover will somehow be faded.
  • Using pillow cover when using.