Duvet Inner

DUVET (White Planket Inner)

Standard size:

  • Standard items: 160x200cm ; 180x200cm ; 200x200cm; 220x200cm, 240x220cm; 240x260cm

            (Can be customized according to customer requirements).



  • TC 65 * 35/110 * 76 / 45dx45d
  • Taffeta 100% polyester 102x84 / 75dx75d
  • Micro Fiber 100% polyester 147x105 / 75dx150d

            (Can produce quality according to customer requirements).

            Filling: Quilt fiber

  • 100% polyester 7dx32mm HCS recycle.
  • 100% polyester 7dx32mm HCS Virgin.
  • 100% polyester microfiber 0.8dx32mm Vigin.

            (Can produce quality according to customer requirements).


  • The product uses lightweight polyester fiber and does not cause hot air.
  • No dust and no damp.
  • Contains no formaldehyde, which irritates the skin and is treated white without dye.
  • High elasticity without sagging.
  • Environmentally friendly, safe and good for health.
  • Can be cleaned and clean stored.

Other information:

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