Insert cushion (Feather)

  • Feather1
  • Feather2


Standard size:

  • 45 x 45cm

(Can be customized according to customer requirements).



  • Downproof 100% Cotton (2 layer)


  • 100% lông tơ (Small feather).

(Can produce quality according to customer requirements).


  • The pillow uses feather of goose with length of below 5cm. 
  • Feather pillow is a high quality pillow that many people love and use all over the world.
  • Feather is a high quality natural material carefully selected and cleaned, dried at high temperature.
  • A part from softness and luxury of feather, it is also properly air ventilated.
  • Especially, natural feather is airy and hygroscopic so the users feel warm in cold days and cool in hot days.
  • The product is sewn with two layers of special fabric made of natural cotton fiber, high density of fibers prevent the feather escape.
  • Feather pillows are very safe to use because feathers have elasticity and durability in comparison with polyester cotton. Depending on the way of using, it can be use for a long time and economically. 
  • Produced in accordance with the high quality standards of Japan ARAI Company, very popular in Japan.
  • Environmental friendly, safe and good for health.
  • Washable and cleanable.

Other information:

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