About Feather-Down Products



  • Both inside and outside are made of natural material.
  • It is sterilized and anti-bacteria treatment.
  • Soft and luxurious. Feeling of a better sleep.
  • Elasticity is suitable for your neck.
  • Heat and moisture controlled naturally.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • No dust
  • Economical and long time using.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Washable (as manual).

Feather is adaptable to human environment. Proper air ventilation because it can control the temperature so you will feel cool when the weather is hot and warm when it becomes cold. It is an advantage of using natural material.

In cheap products using feather of goose, there are many reasons causing bad odour such as not cleaning feather, not drying feather carefully, not using the right type of special cloth. Feather often has its specific smell and the goose feeding in the garding has its particular bad odour. Besides, feather pulling by metal tools if not checking carefully, neck and head may be injured or for the products using feather with big stems, it can be dangerous for the users.

40x60cm, 50x70cm, 35x100cm. Same size pillow cover can be used.

Feather, depending temperature, shrinks or expands. Because of the proper air ventilation so sweat is easily to be released.
On the other words, feather is the animal fur so it does not conduct heat and not keeping heat so you will feel warm in cold weather and comfortable. The big feature of feather is that it is not polyester cotton. Moreover, pillow always inflates and release air again and again so even you use in the hot weather, you will feel cool and comfortable like an air conditioner. On the other hand, feather used for this product is of goose living on the water so it is short and soft.


The fiber of feather is very short so if the normal fabric is used, the feather will escape. To prevent it, special fabric called Down Proof is used. Moreover, fabric for sewing cover must be solid to reduce sewing.
As we know, for the new fabric, it often causes noise and such noise disappear when we use in a short time. Additionally, due to the features of high density of fabric, it can prevent insect. According to pillow producing standard in the world, it is sewn with 2 layers of fabric to prevent cotton escape.

The cheap products are mixed with the feather of goose feeding in garden and the feather of goose living on water even high density fabric is not used. In case it is not cleaned properly, bacteria will generate. In cold weather region, extreme weather, goose living on water has no parasiti insects. Moreover, feather of goose has been disinfected by high temperature so there is no need to worry about bacteria in the product.

Feathers are formed from protein, just like any other animals, so it must have odor.
If the product is packaged and preserved for long time, odor will form.
In this case, we should put the pillow at the good air ventilation place, under direct sunlight, regularly press the pillow to release the air in the pillow, odor will disappear.
Odor will reduce after using eveyday.


Wash the pillow if you see dirt. 
In case of having washing machine: if over washing, feather will loose oil and functions will be reduced. 
Firstly, washing by hands with warm water at 40oC or using ligh washing mode of washing machine, rinsing by light mode then strong mode and drying by drier at 70oC immediately. In the beautiful day, dry both sides of pillow and mixing pillow to make shape of pillow. Drying totally pillow before using.
In case of not having washing machine, have pillow washed and dried..
Noted: Do not use washing powder or detergent or iron the product.
Washing may reduce the quality of the product.
You are recommended to regularly change pillow cover to keep your pillow clean and dry. This will reduce product washing several times.
Please refer the information on the product.

For the feather inside, wet status is not recommended for a long time.
If the feather escape, put it inside, do not pull it out.
Although the feather is white, you sometimes see it grey, it is not due to the defected goods or mold, we call it “black point”. If drying under directly sunlight for a long time, the cover will somehow be faded.
Using pillow cover when using.