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  GỐI NẰM DREAM MICROFIBER. Kích thước chuẩn: Ruột gối nằm 40 x 60cm Ruột gối nằm 50 x 70cm (Có thể sản xuất kich thước theo yêu cầu khách hàng). Chất lượng: Vải bọc ruột gối: Vải thun Interlock 100% Polyester Vải lưới 3D 100% Polyester Bông nhồi ruột gối: 100% polyester sợi siêu…
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 A Japanese restaurant in Sai Gon that using L’AUBE HANABI sheet cushion L’AUBE HANABI SHEET CUSHION   Sheet cushions, also known as Zabuton are floor mats commonly which them was founding in houses, traditional restaurants, hotels, resorts in Japan. They have variety of sizes and differently of pillow cover depend to their usage. Although Japanese…
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Certificate Of Antibacterial Activity

As a company operating in the garment industry in general and the production industry of  Pillows in particular, we have come across many products with the function of protecting user health, used by developed countries in the world. Very popular uses like antibacterial clothes, ... In Vietnam, these products are rarely seen on the market…
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Certificate Of Conformity CR

CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY   Ministry of Industry and Trade issued QCVN 01: 2017 / BCT together with Circular 21/2017 / TT-BCT. This is the first national standard of Vietnam on the limit of formaldehyt and aromatic content for textile products, including other textile products and accessories. According to the latest regulations issued by the Ministry…
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