Certificate Of Antibacterial Activity

As a company operating in the garment industry in general and the production industry of  Pillows in particular, we have come across many products with the function of protecting user health, used by developed countries in the world. Very popular uses like antibacterial clothes, ...

In Vietnam, these products are rarely seen on the market and if they are, they are mostly imported from abroad. Because of this, Arai Vietnam Co., Ltd. decided to produce this special functional product line that is Antibacterial and Deodorant Pillow, to bring Vietnamese consumers products Sleeping Pillow HEALTH PROTECTION.

We are proud to contribute a small part to the protection of Vietnamese consumers' health through sleeping pillows developed by us.



  • Regarding the material submitted by the client described above, we hereby certiby that our test results were as follows:
  • SAMPLES : ( 1 ) IVORY
  • TESTING ITEM                : Determination of antibacterial activity and efficacy of textile products
  • TESTING METHOD         : JIS L 1902:2015 Determination of antibacterial antiviral activity and efficary on textile products; Measurement method: Plate count method
  • TESTING VIRUS               : 1.Staphylococcus aureus NBRC12732
  • Washing procedure: SEK standard washing (JAFET standards combined with lotion)
  • [Test effectiveness] 
  • Vaccination of concentration (CFU/mL) : 1 x 105 ~3 x 105  
  • [JIS Reference]: [A] 2.0
  • Common logarithm: 1.0 or more
  • The range between the biggest and the smallest of n3 (Countrol specimen): below 1
  • The range between the biggest and the smallest of n3 (Tested specimen): below 2
  • [SEK Reference]
  • Antiviral performance standard
  • [A]  : Antibacteriral Finished
  • [A]  : Antimicrobial Finished (General)
  • [A]  : Antimicrobial Finished (Specific)


Certificate Of Testing NQEC (Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center)